Discover Me Local analyzes your business to create a niche-based list of influencers for promoting your brand


    Tell us how many influencers you want for your campaign, so we can get you on the right plan. Fill out our form to get started.


    Discover Me Local matches your brand with hand-picked local influencers who align best with your campaign goals.


    Discover Me Local executes all social influencer correspondence, campaign management and post verification.

    We work with a wide variety of influencers and brands - It's not necessary to have a huge following, but most important to have an engaged audience.
    Get influencers posting about your brand or your special event.


    We connect brands with local-based influencers who will have a direct impact on your nano-focused campaigns, resulting in greater ROI for your business.


    Discover Me Local manages your entire influencer campaign for you. Tell us about your goals, and the number of local social influencers you’d like, and Discover Me Local will take care of the rest. From vetting influencers to communicating the project, shipping your product, delivering reports and more.


    Your business is waiting to be discovered by our influencers and their followers.

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